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Все книги
Bradley R.E., Sandifer C.E. (edit.) Leonhard Euler: Life, Work and Legacy. 2007.

Bradley R.E., Sandifer C.E. (edit.) Leonhard Euler: Life, Work and Legacy. - Elsevier Science, 2007. - 542 p.

download (pdf)

The year 2007 marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of one of the Enlightenments most important mathematicians and scientists, Leonhard Euler. This volume is a collection of 24 essays by some of the worlds best Eulerian scholars from seven different countries about Euler, his life and his work.
Some of the essays are historical, including much previously unknown information about Euler's life, his activities in the St. Petersburg Academy, the influence of the Russian Princess Dashkova, and Euler's philosophy. Others describe his influence on the subsequent growth of European mathematics and physics in the 19th century. Still others give technical details of Euler's innovations in probability, number theory, geometry, analysis, astronomy, mechanics and other fields of mathematics and science.
- Over 20 essays by some of the best historians of mathematics and science, including Ronald Calinger, Peter Hoffmann, Curtis Wilson, Kim Plofker, Victor Katz, Ruediger Thiele, David Richeson, Robin Wilson, Ivor Grattan-Guinness and Karin Reich
- New details of Euler's life in two essays, one by Ronald Calinger and one he co-authored with Elena Polyakhova
- New information on Euler's work in differential geometry, series, mechanics, and other important topics including his influence in the early 19th century


Introduction by C. E. Sandifer, R. E. Bradley

Leonhard Euler: Life and Thought by R. S. Calinger
Leonhard Euler and Russia by P. Hoffmann
Princess Dashkova, Euler, and the Russian Academy of Sciences by R. S. Calinger and E. N. Polyakhova
Leonhard Euler and Philosophy by W. Breidert
Images of Euler by F. Fasanelli
Euler and Applications of Analytical Mathematics to Astronomy by C. Wilson
Euler and Indian Astronomy by K. Plofker
Euler and Kinematics by T. Koetsier
Euler on Rigid Bodies by S. G. Langton
Euler’s Analysis Textbooks by V. J. Katz
Euler and the Calculus of Variations by R. Thiele
Euler, D’Alembert and the Logarithm Function by R. E. Bradley
Some Facets of Euler’s Work on Series by C. E. Sandifer
The Geometry of Leonhard Euler by H. S. White
Cyclotomy: From Euler through Vandermonde to Gauss by O. Neumann
Euler and Number Theory: A Study in Mathematical Invention by J. Suzuki
Euler and Lotteries by D. R. Bellhouse
Euler’s Science of Combinations by B. Hopkins and R. Wilson
The Truth about Königsberg by B. Hopkins and R. Wilson
The Polyhedral Formula by D. Richeson
On the Recognition of Euler among the French, 1790 - 1830 by I.Grattan-Guinness
Euler’s Influence on the Birth of Vector Mechanics by S. Caparrini
Euler’s Contribution to Differential Geometry and its Reception by K. Reich
Euler’s Mechanics as a Foundation of Quantum Mechanics by D. Suisky


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