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Все книги
Newman J.R. The World of Mathematics (2 vol). 1956.

Newman J.R. The World of Mathematics (2 vol.). - New York: Simon & Schuster, 1956. - 716 p.

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Table of Contents

Part V. Mathematics and Phisical World
1. Mathematics of Motion by Galileo Galilei
2. Kinetic Theory of Gases by Daniel Bernoulli
3. The Longitude by Lloyd A. Brown
4. John Couch Adams and the Discovery of Neptune by sir Harold Spencer Jones
5. Atomic Numbers by H.G.J, Moseley
6. The Rontgen Rays by sir William Bragg
7. Crystals and the Future of Physics by Philippe le Corbeiller
8. What Is Calculus of Variations and What Are Its Applications? by Karl Menger
9. The Soap-bubble by C. Vernon Boys
10. Plateau's Problem by Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
11. Periodic Law of the Chemical Elements by Dmitri Mendeleeff
12. Mendeleeff by Bernard Jaffe
13. Mathematics of Heredity by Gregor Mendel
14. On Being the Right Size by J.B.S. Haldane
15. Mathematics of Natural Selection by J.B.S. Haldane
16. Heredity and the Quantum Theory by Erwin Schrodinger
17. On Magnitude by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
18. The Uncertainty Rrinciple by Werner Heisenberg
19. Causality and Wave Mechanics by Erwin Schrodinger
20. The Constants of Nature by sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
21. The New Law of Gravitation and the Old Law by sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
22. The Theory of Relativity by Clement V. Durell

Part VI. Mathematics and Social Science
1. Gustav Theodor Fechner by Edwin G. Boring
2. Classification of Men According to Their Natural Gifts by sir Francis Galton
3. Mathematics of Population and Food by Thomas Robert Malthus
4. Mathematics of Value and Demand by Augustin Cournot
5. Theory of Political Economy by William Stanley Jevons
6. Mathematics of War and Foreign Politics by Lewis Fry Richardson
7. Statistics of Deadly Quarrels by Lewis Fry Richardson
8. The Theory of Economic Behavior by Leonid Hurwicz
9. Theory of Games by S. Vajda
10. Sociology Learns the Language of Mathematics by Abraham Kaplan

Part VII. The Laws of Chance
1. Concerning Probability by Pierre Simon de Laplace
2. The Red and the Black by Charles Sanders Peirce
3. The Probability of Induction by Charles Sanders Peirce
4. The Application of Probability to Conduct by John Maynard Keynes
5. Chance by Henri Poincare
6. The Meaning of Probability by Ernest Nagel



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