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Все книги
Christianson G.E. Isaac Newton. 2005.

Christianson G.E. Isaac Newton. - Published by Oxford University Press, Inc., 2005 . - 144 р.

download (pdf)

In 1665, when an epidemic of the plague forced Cambridge University to close, Isaac Newton, then a young, undistinguished scholar, returned to his childhood home in rural England. Away from his colleagues and professors, Newton embarked on one of the greatest intellectual odysseys in the history of science: he began to formulate the law of universal gravitation, developed the calculus, and made revolutionary discoveries about the nature of light. After his return to Cambridge, Newton's genius was quickly recognized and his reputation forever established. This biography also allows us to see the personal side of Newton, whose life away from science was equally fascinating. Quarrelsome, quirky, and not above using his position to silence critics and further his own career, he was an authentic genius with all too human faults.
«In an authoritative yet accessible style, Christianson chronicles both the significant and the seemingly insignificant — yet critical — events that shaped Newton's early life. » — The Horn Book Magazine
«An excellent introduction to the life and times of Isaac Newton without difficult discussions of mathematics and classical physics that might bog down the average reader. If the 25 additional titles in The Oxford Portraits in Science series are as well done as this one, interested book lovers have some excellent reading ahead. » — The Science Teacher
«Structured around pivotal moments in Newton's life, the book is an excellent reference for biographical data on the great English scientist; in addition, it affords a fine historical perspective of the scientific revolution. » — Science Books & Films
«Filled with historic illustrations,including original notes and drawings by Newton and his contemporaries. » — VOYA
«This is not just a great biography — it's one of the best-written science books around for young people. Christianson has sifted through the historical documents and accounts of Newton to paint a convincing and intelligent picture of the complex and at times irascible genius. » — School Library Journal
«All readers will enjoy the personal life story, and they will feel the excitement of Newton's discoveries of the laws that govern an orderly and knowable universe. » — Booklist

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