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Все книги
Roche X. et al. Vedic Mathematics Secrets. 2002.

Roche X. et al. Vedic Mathematics Secrets. - Ebook, 2002. - 184 p.

download (pdf)

Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics consisting of 16 basic sanskrit concepts related to ancient Hindu Mythology which was recently discovered that enables anyone, especially those who struggle with math, to solve problems quickly and easily, often times in their head, in seconds.
It uses an ancient system of mathematics discovered from palm leaves in ancient India which has in recent times re-emerged as an alternative to simplifying math for all!
The techniques, concepts, and methods outlined in this e-book that’s based on ancient problem-solving skills is so easy to learn and comprehend that once you start using it on a regular basis, you’ll be able to look at seemingly tough problems, work them out in your head, and speak out the correct answer easily and in just as much time as it would take you to key it in into a calculator or write it down on a piece of scratch paper.


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