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Математика Нового времени (XVII в.)
Математика Нового времени (XVII в.)
Finocchiaro M.A. (ed.) The Essential Galileo. 2008.

Finocchiaro M.A. (ed.) The Essential Galileo. - Hackett Publishing, 2008. - 380 p.

download (pdf)

Spanning Galileo's entire career, this new collection presents an annotated translation of Galileo's most important writings as judged by their historical impact from the seventeenth century to the present. It thus presents not only those writings that bear most closely on key developments in physics, astronomy, epistemology, and scientific methodology, but those most relevant to general culture as well, including writings on the relationship between science and religion.


Introduction: Galileo’s Legacy, Life, and Works
Chronology of Galileo’s Career and Aftermath
The Sidereal Messenger (1610)
From Discourse on Bodies in Water (1612)
From History and Demonstrations Concerning Sunspots (1613)
Letters on Copernicanism and Scripture (1613–15)
Reply to Cardinal Bellarmine (1615)
From the Earlier Trial-Documents (1615–16)
From The Assayer (1623)
From Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems (1632)
From the Later Trial-Documents (1632–33)
From Two New Sciences (1638)

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