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Общий обзор развития математики
Общий обзор развития математики
Edwards C.H., Jr. The Historical Development of the Calculus. 1994.

Edwards C.H., Jr. The Historical Development of the Calculus. - Springer, 1994. - 368 p.

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This is a lucid account of the highlights in the historical development of the calculus from ancient to modern times from the beginnings of geometry in antiquity to the nonstandard analysis of the twentieth century. It emphasizes the genesis and evolution of both fundamental concepts and computational techniques. The intended audience includes not only students of the history of mathematics, but also the wider mathematical community, specifically those who study, teach and use calculus. Among the distinctive features of this exposition are historically motivated exercises and carefully chosen illustrative examples. Numerous sections of the book are suitable for use in courses in introductory and advanced calculus as well as the general history of mathematics.


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