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Математика эпохи Просвещения (XVIII в.)
Математика эпохи Просвещения (XVIII в.)
Hall A.R. Isaac Newton: Adventurer in Thought. 1992.

Hall A.R. Isaac Newton: Adventurer in Thought. - Cambridge University Press, 1992. - 468 p.

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In this elegant, absorbing biography of Isaac Newton (1642-1727), Rupert Hall surveys the vast field of modern scholarship in order to interpret Newton's mathematical and experimental approach to nature. Mathematics was always the deepest, most innovative and productive of Newton's interests. However, he was also a historian, theologian, chemist, civil servant and natural philosopher. These diverse studies were unified in his single design as a Christian to explore every facet of God's creation. The exploration during the past forty years of Newton's huge manuscript legacy, has greatly altered previous stories of Newton's life, throwing new light on his personality and intellect. Hall's discussion of this research, first published in 1992, shows that Newton cannot simply be explained as a Platonist, or mystic. He remains a complex and enigmatic genius with an immensely imaginative and commonsensical mind.

General editor's preface.
The hopeful youth, 1642–1664.
'The prime of my age for invention', 1664–1667.
Widening horizons, 1667–1669.
The professor of mathematics, 1669–1673.
Publication and polemic, 1672–1678.
Life in Cambridge, 1675–1685.
The chemical philosopher, 1669–1695.
The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, 1679–1687.
Private and public life, 1685–1696.
Fluxions and fury, 1677–1712.
Opticks, or a Treatise of Light, 1687–1718.
Life in London, 1696–1718.
A man of authority and learning, 1692–1727.
Later books, 1706–1726.
Kensington, 1725–1727.

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